There’s Still Time To Protect Trees

If you love the quality of life in your community and value clean water in our rivers and creeks, please urge the Anne Arundel County Council to support bill 68-19 to modernize the Forest Conservation Act.

Under current law, here’s what is legal (see picture at right). There is very little meaningful mitigation or reforestation required.

The Council will vote on the forest protection bill on Oct. 21.

The proposed bill would slow this type of development down, require serious mitigation and create incentives to develop without mowing down our treasured resource.

What can you do? It’s simple.

Call or email your AACounty Council person before Oct. 21 to urge them to support the Pittman bill, 68-19. Tell them to vote YES on Oct. 21.

To identify your AACounty Council person, click here.  Then please call or email your Council person and urge them to support the Pittman bill, 68-19.

During the Council’s Oct. 7 meeting, the Severn River Association (SRA) joined with dozens of conservation, river, environmental and community groups in support of the Pittman bill. It was a standing-room-only hearing with more than 100 supporters of 68-17 left standing in the halls outside.

Development interests are very well organized and funded in their campaign to defeat this crucial legislation. Please let your voice be heard. It’s the only way to overcome the powerful development lobby campaign.

SRA’s Jeff Schomig, chair of the group’s Advocacy Committee, testified on SRA’s behalf.

Click here to read Jeff’s testimony supporting bill 68-19.

SRA President David Read Barker also submitted a letter on SRA’s behalf explaining why bill 68-19 is so important to protecting water quality in the Severn River.

Click here to read David’s letter.

To review a fact sheet on the Pittman administration’s bill, click here.