How Do We Keep Bees Happily Buzzin’ Away?

There’s a reason why we have the expression, “busy bee!”

Would you like to lean why nature’s best pollinators hare always buzzing, swarming and doing their pollinating thing?

Join us Tuesday, June 15, for our next John Wright Speaker Series presentation for a 7 pm virtual presentation.

Our guest speaker will be Master Beekepper Tim McMahon.

Tim will be explaining the joys of and pollinating power of bees.

Tim is an EAS (Eastern Agricultural Society) and Georgia Master Beekeeper which is all about honey bees.

He has been a beekeeper for over 15 years and has had as many as 28 hives going in one year, but now is keeping the number down to 13 hives.

Tim is a volunteer at the US Geological Survey Native Bee Lab in Beltsville and works on Native bees projects for the Smithsonian and with the US California Berkley in Costa Rica. He is also involved in multiple Native Bee projects here and abroad.

Tim always has a butterfly net in the car to catch bees and has a microscope on his desk where he spends hours each day ID’ing bees.

What:   How To Keep Bees Swarming …
Who:    Tim McMahon, Eastern Agricultural Society, and Georgia Master Beekeeper
Where: From your living room!
When:  Tuesday, June 15, from 7 pm till about 8:15 pm.

Note: This will be a virtual version of the John Wright Speaker Series.

To attend, please RSVP to: and put BEES in the message box. We’ll send meeting credentials to you on June 15.

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