SRA Supports St. Mary’s Rain Garden Project

SRA is delighted to be helping St. Mary’s Parish expand its efforts to reduce stormwater runoff from its school building and play area along Spa Creek.

Through the Marshall Dowling Stormwater Action Fund, SRA has awarded a $1,500 matching grant to St. Mary’s to help design a new runoff control system.

When complete, the project will have several planters between the school wall and the basketball courts. The downspouts from the school will go to these planters. The planters will have soil and plants to take up nutrients.

There will be a gravel bottom and underdrain to allow excess water to exit when necessary. Larger plans are for a living shoreline at the waterfront.

The Marshall Dowling grants are available to SRA member communities.

Click here to read more about Marshal Dowling Stormwater Action Fund .