‘Tis The Season … For Oysters!!!

As the winter sets in, the staff here at SRA headquarters on Back Creek wish you all a joyous holiday.

What a great time to enjoy the Severn River and … oysters!

Oysters are the treat of the season

We love ’em at the raw bar, fried or especially in a comforting oyster and potato chowder (yum!).

What a way to enjoy a cold winter’s night, with the fire at a slow burn in the fireplace, a few adult beverages, family and friends exchanging stories, songs and memories with a comforting bowl of an oyster, fish and potato chowder.

And to celebrate oysters, we have two new videos ready to view on the SRA Speaker Series website.

The first video is Kevin Hudson talking about his company, True Chesapeake Oyster Co. in St. Jerome’s Creek.

The 2nd video is a wrapup by SRA’s oyster restoration programs between the Rt. 50 and USNA Bridges in the Severn River.

Check ’em out: https://severnriver.org/category/speaker-series

Photos: Barb Kappel, Patrick Hudson.