Yellow Perch

Why Did Our Yellow Perch Fishery Collapse?

July 11, 2019

Decades ago, yellow perch spawned successfully in upper portions of the Severn, including the fresh waters of Severn Run — so much so that the state of Maryland once boasted a very popular hatchery there. But since the 1980’s, yellow perch spawn rates in the Severn River (and other urban freshwater rivers, streams and creeks) […]

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Why Is The Yellow Perch In Decline?

June 10, 2019

Each year, in early March, the colorful Yellow Perch return to spawn in the Severn River headwaters like Bear Branch and Severn Run. However, they fail to produce mature offspring, possibly due to disruption in their reproductive system and habitat caused by poor water quality. They clearly are trying to survive. SRA has been tracking […]

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