Floating Classroom Returns for 2024

Published: June 17, 2024

It’s Back! Our Floating Classroom Program Returns

SRA hosted ther first Floating Classrooms on Friday (June 14). Amelia, Henry, Anna, James, and Bob learned about restoration and conservation on the Severn River. Oysters, water quality, osprey, underwater grasses, and human impact on the world around us are a few topics that are taught in this educational program. 

Under clear, sunny skies, they learned how to use water quality monitoring equipment to track the health of the Severn River. They visited our oyster restoration reef at Chinks Pt to check on how our bivalves are doing. Lo and below, our oysters are having a grand time – plenty of dissolved oxygen (5.0 mg/L) on the bottom (6 meters/20 feet) where our oysters are now pushing three years old! Salinity is at 7.76 ppt and slowly rising towards that magic number (10 ppt) when oysters can reproduce. Amelia, Anna, and Henry also checked on conditions inside Lake Ogleton where conditions were not so good, with less dissolved oxygen and warmer water temperature which often leads to algal blooms.

The students tracked the osprey families living on day makers, platforms and in tree nests in the Lake Ogleton watershed and how osprey success depends directly on the health of the Severn River because osprey only eat fish they catch near their nests. So far, four nests feature mom ospreys incubating their eggs. 

Thank you to Community Foundation of Anne Arundel County for funding this program to teach the next generation of stewards. Led by SRA Program Officer Tom Guay with assistant Mike Z.

If you are intersted in the Floating Classroom program reach out to Operations Manager Sarah.