WQM: 10.18.2023

Published: October 19, 2023

Water quality in the Severn River often differs dramatically from one area to another.
Much of the river was clean and crips as our Water Quality Monitoring Crew and Steve headed upriver on a cold Wednesday morning. This clean green wake from our R/V Sea Girl revealed itself all the way from SRA headquarters on Back Creek through the top of Round Bay where clarity readings were excellent – ranging between 4.65 (1.42 meters) and 5.3 feet (1.63 meters).
Crabbers and recreational fishermen enjoyed a lovely morning plying the waters between the USNA and Rt. 50 Bridges.
But clarity and water color took a nose dive when our WQ Crew as the reached the top of the river. The water turned muddy brown, the color of iced tea. After Captain Steve dropped anchor in the Pointfield Landing and Ben Oaks harbor, he measured only 1.7 feet (0.53 meters) with the Secchi Disk. The muddy, murky conditions in the headwaters area is due to the flood of sediment-laden stormwater that flows down the nearby Severn Run, which unfortunately bears the nickname, “Little Muddy.”
It’s going to take awhile to rectify the stormwater pollution issues with the Severn Run, but with your continued support, we can get ‘er done!
Special thanks to Delaplaine Foundation for their support of our water monitoring program.